Class Association

The International Hansa Class Association exists to:

  • Promote and develop Hansa Classes racing under uniform rules at a national and international level for people of all ages and abilities
  • Provide a medium for exchange of information among Hansa Class sailors
  • Encourage and foster the enjoyment of the competitive, recreational and social aspects of sailing

Included HANSA Classes

All existing models of Hansa sailing craft are represented by the Association, including:

  • Hansa 2.3 including the 2.3 Wide, 2.3 Single (previously known as the Access 2.3) and 2.3 Breeze models
  • Hansa 303 including the 303 Wide (previously known as the Access 303) and 303 Breeze models
  • Liberty
  • SKUD 18

Additional Hansa classes may be adopted with the approval of a General Meeting.

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