Ahlers Lindley Lda (Charles Lindley)

Ahlers Lindley Lda is the Hansa distributor for Portugal. The Lindley Group is a supplier of equipment for marinas and harbours in Portugal. It has subsidiary companies in Barcelona, Spain and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  We supply a wide range of solutions for access to the water, from the design and supply of pontoons for sailing and rowing clubs, to mats for beach launching of boats etc. As a result of our support of the Clube Naval de Cascais and other Clubs and Associations, Ahlers Lindley Lda became closely involved with Hansa sail boats.  Since becoming the Hansa distributor in 2010, the fleet in Portugal and Islands has more than doubled to over 70 units, in 20 Clubs and Associations.

Email: clindley@lindley.pt