Hansa Sailing Japan (Osamu Goriki)

Hansa Sailing Japan will promote two activities at the same time – Sailing for Everyone and the import and sale of Hansa.

・ Sailing for Everyone

  1. Recommendation of events such as Hansa trial rides and coordination of planning and operation in various parts of the country
  2. Lending Hansa boats to Hansa events around the country
  3. Cooperation with athletes at Hanseatic competitions in Japan and overseas
  4. Introduction of domestic and foreign Hansa events on website and Facebook
  5. Promote exchanges with related organizations in Japan and overseas

・ Import and sale of Hansa

  1. Order and delivery of Hansa boats and parts in Japan
  2. Maintenance of Hansa boats and parts in Japan
  3. Manufacture and sale of boat trucks
Email: info@hansajapan.com
Website: http://www.hansajapan.com