Country Name
Australia, Asia & the rest of the World Hansa Sailing Systems Pty Ltd
Japan Hansa Sailing Japan (Osamu Goriki)
New Zealand Hansa Sailing New Zealand (Tim Dempsey)
Country Name
France, & French speaking areas of Switzerland & Belgium Handivoile Développement France (Jérémie Chauchoy)
Greece One Design Specialists (Akylas Drougkas)
Italy, & Italian speaking areas of Switzerland and Slovenia UpSail (Erwin “Eddie” Linthout)
Netherlands & European countries with no distributor Hansa Sailing BV (Nick Kruizinga)
Portugal Ahlers Lindley Lda (Charles Lindley)
Spain RS Veleros (Toni Castells)
United Kingdom & Ireland Steve Sawford Marine (Steve Sawford)
North America
Country Name
USA and Canada Hansa Sailing USA LLC (Paul Speight)
South America
Country Name
Chile & South American countries with no distributor Puerto Deportivo Valparaíso (Thomas “Tommy” Elton)
World - Rest of the
Country Name
All countries not included above Hansa Sailing Systems Pty Ltd