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Product Description

The Hansa 2.3 Wide seater is 2.3 metres long. It is easy to rig and easy to sail. The 2.3 Wide can be sailed solo or as a two-seater. It is suitable for two small adults or two children.

The 2.3 wide can be sailed sedately by two average sized adults or as a sporty little racer by a single sailor. As?with the 2.3 Single, the sailor’s weight low in the boat enhances stability.? With the Hansa 2.3 Wide’s narrower side decks, the solo sailor needs to move their upper body weight to windward in order to keep the boat dry in breezy conditions.

With the simplicity of rig and steering, the security of the ballasted centreboard and roller reefing, the Hansa 2.3 Wide?is an ideal entry level craft for clubs and schools. It is ideal as a family fun boat as it can be comfortably handled?by two small children, an adult or child, or their grandparents.

Hansa 2.3 wide Features?

Hull has positive buoyancy & heavily rockered for easy manoeuvrability.
Strong construction with solid bonded hull to deck joins.
With the seat keeping the sailor?s weight low plus ballasted centreboard, the boat is virtually uncapsizable.
Reefed and un-reefed by a single hauling line.
Mainsail controlled by a manual mainsheet.
The high boom is well away from sailors head.
The boat, mast and boom fit neatly and easily onto standard car roof bars.
No hiking out necessary.
Available in 10 different colours with a coloured flash on the sail for easily distinguishable fleet sailing
Almost anyone can sail these boats because they are so simple and stable.
Extremely comfortable, nimble and above all they are great fun.
The Hansa 2.3 Wide is a World Sailing Class with regular National, Continental and World Championships

Hansa 2.3 Wide Specifications
Length: 2.3m
Beam: 1.25m
Draft: 0.75m
Weight: 45kg (plus centreboard 20kg)
Sail Plan: Cat Rig
Sail Area: 3.8m2 (reefs to 0.5m2)
Mast: Un-stayed 4.2m
Seating: Wide hammock seat suitable for 2 children, an adult and a child or 2 small to medium sized adults
Steering: Manual joystick
Capacity: Solo sailor = 100 kg*
Tandem sailors = 120 kg*

NOTE: The stability of a Hansa sailboat relies on the body weight of a sailor being kept low in the boat, thereby lowering the centre of gravity. The maximum combined weight of two sailors in a 2.3 wide is 120kg. The extra weight is permissible as the centre of gravity of two sailors is presumed to be lower than a single sailor of the same combined weight. It is therefore recommended that sailors weighing over the maximum weight sail the larger 303 or Liberty.

2.3 sailed by 2 boys in sweden

2.3 in wild weather

2.3 wide in UK

2.3 wide in World Masters Games Sydney

2.3's during World Masters Games

2.3 Australian Hansa Championships Melbourne

Brochure Hansa 2.3 Breeze
Deck and Sail Colours
2_3 Wide Single Owners manual
Hansa 2.3 Class Rules
keel lockdown v3
Cordage Schedule

How to rig a Hansa 303 (Yachting Australia)

Videos demonstrating correct usage and rectifying a derailed reefing cord from main reefing drum.
reefing drum 1
reefing drum 2
reefing drum 3
reefing drum 4 – rectifying a de-railed reefing rope.

Hansa 2.3
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2.3 Breeze in Brazil
2012 Hansa Worlds Single Person Classes (Middle Harbour Sydney)

Hansa 303
Nava (Ventilated Quad) (A Current Affair) – 303 Single
Andrew (Ventilated Quad) – Liberty
Herb 2004 IFDS Single Person Worlds (Blairgowrie Melbourne)
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