1025 – 2.3 Breeze, complete boat ready to sail.


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Product Description

The 2.3 Breeze is the most recent of the Hansa 2.3 models and shares the same innovative design features that make sailing safe, easy and fun, but features a fibreglass seat and simplified reefing system.? The 2.3 Breeze is suitable for one or two people.

The original accessible sailboat and still the most popular of the Hansa classes, the Hansa 2.3 has proven that sailing really is for everyone. With 1,000 boats sailed in over 20 countries and numbers growing steadily, the Hansa 2.3 (previously known as the Access 2.3) is a World Sailing class.

The 2.3 Breeze is the ideal boat for anyone who is looking for safe simple fun on the water.? Community sailing programs, yacht clubs and sailing schools have all found the Hansa 2.3 is a perfect boat to introduce new participants to the fun of sailing and build confidence.

Easy to Sail
  • Simple to use joystick steering
  • Forward facing seats for comfort
  • Responsive and manoeuvrable
  • Easy to assemble and launch
Safe & Stable
  • Weighted centreboard for stability
  • Low centre of gravity seat position
  • Roller furling to reduce sail area in stronger winds
  • Six deck colours
  • Keel lifters
  • Shore shuttle
  • Boat and sail covers



Length 2.3 m
Beam 1.25 m
Draft 0.75 m
Weight 50 kg (+ Keel 20 kg)
Sail Area 3.8 m2 (reduces to 0.5 m2)
Mast Un-stayed 4.2m
Capacity 120 kg

2.3 breeze-4

2.3 breeze COCKPIT

2.3 breeze - 3 boats in Brazil

2.3 breeze - sailing

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