1090 – SKUD 18.2, complete boat ready to sail.


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Product Description

The SKUD 18 is a high performance lead-assisted skiff with a tube-launched, asymmetrical gennaker and a modern stayed rig. Active able-bodied and disabled sailors alike have enjoyed the two-person version since 2006. The exciting three-person development of the SKUD 18 is also now available.

The SKUD 18 platform can be sailed by two and three-person crews. In its open configuration the crew are seated on the gunwale, but if one crew uses a centre-line seat the other can use trapeze. A wide range of additional equipment can also be added after control points to permit a sailor to compensate for any functional disability and enable the crew to maximise their collective potential. ?The SKUD 18 was the selected class for the Two Person Paralympic Sailing Competitions 2008-2016. ?For Paralympic competition, the two crew were?seated on the centre-line.

  • Affordable high performance sports boat
  • Configured for two or three-person use by simply changing the bulb
  • Lightweight construction ? 410 kg fully rigged including seating and accessories
  • Unsinkable if holed or swamped
  • Self-draining cockpit
  • Twin canted rudders – controllable even at high angles of heel
  • Sailors with a limited mobility can compete on equal terms with able-bodied sailors
  • Accessories include cockpit consoles, fixed and canting seats, push-pull and joystick helm systems, servo-electric helm and a variety of sheet and halyard winches
  • Three SKUD 18s fit in a 20? container
  • Second generation improvements include new GRP rudders, convenient keel bulb removal, extra secure keel lock-down, a strengthened gunwale and stronger composite mast
  • ?Open National, Continental and International Championships are conducted by the Class Association and Disabled Sailing World Championships conducted by PWS.

SKUD 18 Specifications
LOA: 5.8m
LWL: 5.5m
Beam: 2.2m
Draft: 1.75m
Hull – 170kg
2P Keel – 163kg
2P – 410kg (plus crew weight)
Mast: Carbon / GRP 6.83m above deck
Sail Plan:
Sloop rig with high roach. Auto de-powering, fully battened mainsail.
Self-tacking jib. Tube launched asymmetric gennaker on carbon fibre pole
Seating: Wide gunwales or optional fixed and canting seats
Steering: Tiller steering standard. Optional manual joystick, push/pull lever or servo assist from aft seat

SKUD 18 - Rio 2016

SKUD 18 - London 2012

SKUD 18 - London 2012 2

SKUD 18 - London 2012 3

SKUD 18 - London 2012 4

SKUD 18 - Sydney Harbour

Brochure SKUD 18
Gennaker Colours
Owners Manual – SKUD 18
SKUD 18 Class Rules


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