1141 – 303W + Trailer + Shuttle Package

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Product Description

303W Trailer Shuttle Package – Hansa Sailing

This package is ideal for the sailor who wishes to be independent when launching and retrieving their 303 Wide.

The package includes:

  • Hansa 303 Wide or Breeze (Part # 1040 or 1045)
  • Road?trailer
  • Shore shuttle (Part # 5441)

Loading Hansa 303, shore shuttle onto road trailer

Unloading 303 and shore shuttle off the road trailer

How to rig a Hansa 303 (Yachting Australia)

Videos demonstrating correct usage and rectifying a derailed reefing cord from main reefing drum.
reefing drum 1
reefing drum 2
reefing drum 3
reefing drum 4 – rectifying a de-railed reefing rope.

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