5311 – Flush mount C Crane. Includes fall arrestor, spreader bar & shackles


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5311 – Flush mount C Crane. Stainless steel- includes fall arrestor, spreader bar & SS winch

Hansa C Crane
The Hansa C Crane was developed to fill the need for an inexpensive transferring aid for the marine environment. Not only for transferring disabled sailors, but also for lifting ballasted centreboards in and out of boats. The crane is also suited to many other lifting applications including small boats, outboard motors, anchors etc.

The C Crane consists of a davit which fits in a socket either sunk below deck level, or elevated above, in a bolt-on stand. Either can be fitted to existing pontoons, docks, and jetties and are fitted as standard on all Hansa Sailing modular pontoon systems.

The davit is fitted with a reel-type brake winch and tested to a Safe Working Load of 120 kg. A winch based system like the C Crane has the advantage (depending on the length of rope fitted), of up to 3 metres of lift which allows it to work effectively on fixed shorelines and jetties, and in moderate tide range areas.

For transferring people, regulations require a fall arrestor to be fitted between the davit and the spreader bar/person as a secondary braking device in case of a failure in the main system. Fall arrestors have varying length belts and it is important to ensure the one fitted has adequate belt to suit the height of the lift. This height is constant when the crane is fitted to a floating pontoon but will vary on fixed pile jetties in tidal areas.

The C Crane is available in two models ? the flush mount and stand mounted crane types are both manufactured in stainless steel. Equipment tested & passed SWL 120 kg ? ISO/DIS 10535.

Lifting Slings and Seat Belts
Hansa Slings are easy to use ?banana? slings that simply wrap around the sailor to attach to the spreader bar of the C Crane to facilitate swift, safe and dignified transferring from wheelchair to boat.? Slings tested & passed SWL 120 ? AS 3581-1988 Appendix E.

Seat Belts
Seat Belts are available for those sailors who have difficulty with upper body stability.
IMPORTANT ? Whenever sailors are using seat belts, double-check that the centreboard locking pin is inserted through the centreboard handle and into the console to ensure that the board does not displace in the event of a knock down.? Refer to the Hansa Sailing ?How to Rig? instructions.

Brochure – Hansa Sailing Shore Equipment
C Crane Installation Operations AUG2019 PDF
Specifications – C Crane Flush Mount
Flush Mount CE Declaration of Conformity
Modifications to Hansa Equipment

Using the C Crane

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